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Some thoughts from Joel Goodman, founder of The HUMOR Project.

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HOHO 2014: Humor Outreach Humor Opportunity: Save Your Dollars and Cents... and Sense of Humor
The HUMOR Project's HOHO (Humor Outreach Humor Opportunity) 2014 Campaign is now launched. Our Speakers Bureau has been very busy and has done presentations for more than 3 million people throughout the U.S. and abroad. We are going to redouble our efforts to spread humor far and wide (Humor Outreach)... we would be glad to explore the possibility of doing a program, speech, seminar, workshop or other presentation for your organization or professional association (local, state or national).

As a way of acknowledging the financial challenges facing individuals and organizations these days, The HUMOR Project is willing to offer Value Pricing Discounts (Humor Opportunity) for any speaking engagements that are booked between now and December 31, 2014.

Click on the Speakers Bureau link at the top of our Home Page to see testimonials and 30 sample topics (we always customize for each engagement). We have 100 world-class, content-rich, inspirational, humorous, motivational speakers. Jest give us a call at 518-587-8770 to explore the program possibilities and to ask for the HOHO Value Pricing Discount.

Life Coaching Now Available
The HUMOR Project is delighted to offer life coaching sessions (in person and/or by phone). This could be of special interest to anyone going through a transition, to people who would like to identify and build on their strengths, and to folks who want to be intentional about setting and realizing their personal and professional goals. For more information, click on life coaching at the top of this page or call Margie Ingram at 518-587-8770.

Next International Conference on "The Positive Power of Humor and Creativity" Scheduled for 2015
Plans are in the works for our next international conference that is tentatively scheduled to take place in Saratoga Springs, New York on June 5-7, 2015. Stay tuned for more information in our free Laughing Matters e-zine (you can sign up to receive this in the column to the left).

Over the years, this learning-chocked, laughter-charged, life-changing program has attracted 23,000+ attendees from all 50 states and 6 continents.

The 2012 program provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to honor Peter Funt and Candid Camera with the National Humor Treasure Award... and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords with the Survive AND Thrive Award.

In 2011, we presented this award to Edison Pena, the rescued Chilean miner. Be sure to visit Edison and Elvis at 2011 Conference.

This world-class conference has received rave reviews (10's on a 1-5 scale) and LOTS of standing ovations over the decades. It has been indeed a personally enriching and professionally practical experience. Attendees proclaim this program as the most inspiring one ever.

God cannot be solemn, or He would not have blessed humans with the incalculable gift of laughter. (Sydney Harris)

What are the blessings that your sense of humor has given you in life?

Keep a journal of "humorous grace under fire." Here's an example: During exams for a theology class in Southern California, there was an earthquake. The professor had stepped out of the room prior to the shake. After it stopped, he walked back into the room and asked with a smile, "Which one of you is trying to cheat?!"

The thoughts above are excerpted from Joel Goodman's "Laffirmations: 1001 Ways to Add Humor to Your Life and Work" published by Health Communications, Inc. Copyright 1995 The HUMOR Project, Inc.

"Laffirmations" is available in bookstores everywhere as well as through the
HUMOResources mail-order catalog and online bookstore.
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