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Humanizing Outdoor and Environmental Education
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This book is a thought-full and mindful guide to the humanistic approach to outdoor and environmental education. This volume focuses on the “why’s” for planning and implementing nature experiences for people of all ages.

In addition to a chapter on curriculum and program development for schools and camps, this volume draws on the expertise, experience, and wisdom of trend-setting pioneers and practitioners like Cheryl Charles, Richard Louv, Joseph Cornell, Roger Greenaway, Jeff McKay, Matt Weinstein, and Pamela Kekich.

The book includes probing, intriguing, informative, insightful, and inspiring interviews with them on the “new nature movement,” nature mindfulness and awareness, reflecting and reviewing experiential learning, cooperative play, adventure learning, humanistic camps, and creative coaching.

The chapters are filled with tips and practical activities that invite active and interactive learning. The book also provides a detailed case study of the leading-edge Human Relations Youth Adventure Camp and offers an extensive chapter with over 125 annotations for books, periodicals, websites, and organizations in the humanistic, outdoor, and environmental education fields.

As a bonus, this book includes thought-provoking quotes to jump-start your brain and heart about the connection between nature and human nature.

We are delighted with the leaders in the field and practitioners who have provided positive reviews for our two companion books: Humanizing Outdoor and Environmental Education and 201 Nature and Human Nature Activities:

This book artfully weaves together activities that expand our consciousness of ourselves and of the natural world around us at the same time. It is more than a gold mine of ideas, new perspectives, and practical methods. It is really six or seven books disguised as one. The book contains more activities than you could ever use in two years of teaching or in a lifetime of camp experiences. I am both amazed and impressed at the depth and breadth of what Joel and Cliff know and share with us in this book.
Jack Canfield
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®
Author, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be™

Dr. Clifford Knapp and Dr. Joel Goodman have written two books that truly “cover all the bases” in humanizing environmental education. They are thorough, useful, and always puts the child’s highest good— body, mind, and soul— first. I feel that the books will play an important role in helping us to lovingly encourage the child’s awareness of and enthusiasm for nature and human nature.
Joseph Cornell
Founder and President, Sharing Nature Worldwide
Nature Awareness Educator and Author

Cliff Knapp and Joel Goodman are masters at offering creative and accessible ways to connect with ourselves, people of varied life experiences, and the natural world that sustains us all. They are wise yet playful, engaged and engaging. Their insights and practical suggestions will enrich and enhance your life.
Cheryl Charles, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, President and CEO Emerita of the Children & Nature Network

Since the American Camp Association first published this cutting-edge book, ACA has supported nature and human–nature programs in camps. Camp leaders and campers will welcome this updated and expanded edition divided into two books. The books are filled with thought-provoking ideas on why we should humanize our camp programs along with a wealth of unique, stimulating, active, and interactive activities that are sure to engage campers and students.
Tom Rosenberg
President and CEO, American Camp Association

Joel and Cliff’s lifetime work has touched the lives of millions of people. I am delighted that their two new books will continue to make a meaningful, mindful, and heartfelt difference on the planet. These two books are ideal for YMCAs, camps, schools, families, and other settings where we can reach and teach young people and the young at heart about the gifts and blessings of nature and human nature. These books are filled with hundreds of inspiring, intriguing, interesting, insightful, innovative, impactful invitations and activities to help honor Mother Nature and the human spirit at the same time. Lastly, these books are written with a warmth, inclusiveness, and style that are both captivating and uplifting.
Rev. Bruce Tamlyn
Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life, Silver Bay YMCA

“Edited by leaders in the field, this is a deeply felt and compelling compendium of some of the forward thinking about the new nature movement and its potential to move our culture forward, not back, to nature.”
Richard Louv
Author of Last Child in the Woods, The Nature Principle, and Vitamin N

When I first met Joel and Cliff 50 years ago, they were on the ground floor of getting their profound and utterly wise ideas about Environmental Education into the hands of teachers. I was lucky enough to have those two young geniuses as students when I was doing my pioneering work in Values Clarification. I'm so proud to see the gift they have written for you.
Sidney B. Simon, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Co-author of Values and Teaching and Values Clarification: A Handbook of Practical Strategies for Teachers and Students

Cliff Knapp's and Joel Goodman's values, vision, passion and working knowledge of nature and human nature are exemplified in these books. Their warm, empathic beliefs in a sense of community and a sense of wonder in the natural world come through clearly. I wholeheartedly recommend these books to you!
Gordon Kaplan
Executive Director (1996 - 2016) American Camp Association, Illinois

“Humanizing Outdoor and Environmental Education and 201 Nature and Human Nature Activities are full of great ideas, examples and reflections on how youth leaders can build appreciation and knowledge of the natural world while at the same time develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills in their participants. This is a gift that young people growing up in the digital age need now more than ever in order to learn the joy and value of balancing screen time indoors with sensory time outdoors.”
Donna Ducharme
Chairman, Franklin Grove Creek and Preservation Corporation

As a staff member of a camp based on the writings of Cliff and Joel, I have witnessed the positive impact that this book has had on countless youth from around the country. The abundance of field-tested and classroom-tested activities in these pages has truly enriched so many lives. Joel and Cliff inspire us to treat nature with care and respect and to live with each other in this way as well.
Alan Bartenhagen
Staff, Human Relations Youth Adventure Camp

In this delightful pair of books, Joel and Cliff show that learning is natural: nature has a lot to teach all of us. These two books provide a banquet of thought-provoking insights about the connection between nature and human nature. They are filled with practical, positive, participatory, playful, powerful activities that will engage and enrich the lives of students, campers, adults, and everyone with an interest in living a life connected to the natural world.
Dr. Matt Weinstein
Founder and Emperor of Playfair, Inc.
Co-author of Playfair: Everybody's Guide to Noncompetitive Play

We talk about the growing importance of connecting with nature and connecting with each other. Few books will give you so many wise and wonderful ways of turning this wishful thinking into concrete action – the kinds of action which ensure that however much we upgrade our digital connectivity we do not downgrade our connection with, and enjoyment of, the human and natural world.
Dr. Roger Greenaway
Reviewing Skills Training
Stirling, Scotland

Joel Goodman and Clifford Knapp are legends in the world of environmental education. Their 1981 book, Humanizing Environmental Education is a classic in the field and helped to propel a movement. It is exciting to know that they are again sharing their wisdom and inspiration.
Jane Sanborn and Elizabeth Rundle
Co-authors of 101 Nature Activities for Kids

Cliff Knapp and Joel Goodman’s two guides blend theory and practice in useful ways. Several chapters provide teachers and group leaders with a rich set of activities to enhance nature awareness and make meaning out of learning experiences. Other chapters present the thinking behind such activities from people like Richard Louv, Cheryl Charles, Joseph Cornell, and Roger Greenaway who have devoted their careers to finding ways to enhance people’s connection to the natural world. I will make regular use of these volumes as I plan my own retreats and workshops.
Dr. Gregory Smith
Co-editor/co-author of Ecological Education in Action, Place-Based Education in the Global Age, and Place- and Community-Based Education in Schools

As a former Boy Scout, it’s so refreshing to see books that humanize the environment. I mean, that’s what we all are—humans in the environment. Joel Goodman and Cliff Knapp have put together a wonderful resource that puts joy and respect into learning about nature. These two books should be part of every young person’s education.
Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP, CPAE
Speaker, Humorist, and Author of Do it Well, Make it Fun

As a child participating in Cliff and Joel’s programs and later as a young adult staffing them, their educational approach and outdoor activities played a formative role in my personal growth. As an adult working in the field of outdoor education, leading teen wilderness programs and church youth groups, their work mentored my professional development and I applied it to people of all ages and abilities. Any outdoor educator or wilderness guide who needs to expand their range of offerings would serve their clients well by using these books as a guide. Any parents who wish to promote a vital connection to the natural world for their children should carry copies on their family adventures. I am confident that these two books will become as tattered, dog-eared and coffee-stained as mine.
John Friauf, LCSW-R
Outdoor Educator, Licensed Guide, School Social Worker

As our world grows more high tech and as the pace of our lives becomes faster, the need to connect with the natural world and ourselves grows critical. It has become important for educators to find ways to integrate nature and human nature into their curriculum plans. The combination of community building, values clarification, and outdoor adventure is essential and compelling. When you use the ideas in these books, you will witness an amazing transformation of your participants, your staff and even yourself!
Wanda DeWaard
Outdoor Educator and Program Consultant, Earth Kin Programs

Cliff Knapp and Joel Goodman have revised and expanded on the first edition of this valuable experiential learning book. Their work has always been focused on bridging human and natural communities, with special attention to the experience of the learner as an individual and as part of the group. Humanizing Environmental Education and 201 Nature and Human Nature Activities offer educators two timely guides for thinking about and planning authentic experiences that inspire deep learning and commitment.
Dr. David Greenwood
Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair
Department of Environmental Education, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario

At a time in history when meaningful personal interaction is overpowered by social media, multi-tasking and an obsession with time-saving, it’s refreshing to find a book that celebrates the individual and gently presses us to consider ways to humanize learning. Humanizing Outdoor and Environmental Education and its companion 201 Nature and Human Nature Activities are welcome additions to a societal landscape that often fails to balance content concerns with substantive concern about the well-being of the learner. Thanks to Cliff Knapp and Joel Goodman, we have a tool to restore that balance.
Dr. Herb Broda, Professor Emeritus, Ashland University
Author of Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning and Moving the Classroom Outdoors

For many years I have consulted this guide for inspiration, validation, and important ideas for connecting humans to nature. I know of no other guide that is so easy to use, packed with easily digestible ideas, and stories for bringing humans into the nature equation. When some people focus on the environment, they leave out humans! Big mistake! I am happy to endorse this book and look forward to the updated version.
David Stokes
Naturalist, Educator, Entertainer

These books are filled with ideas that guide participants to a holistic understanding of love of others and love of the Earth. The authors recommend that those who teach about the Earth can benefit from those who teach about People. We must strive to truly love one another AND to love the Earth and these books will help create a better world.
Thomas E. Smith, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Outdoor Therapist, Personal Growth Facilitator

It is time to revive the excitement and creativity of experiential outdoor education! We have widely come to realize the costs of what Richard Louv has called “nature-deficit disorder.” Now, more than ever, we as teachers, parents, grandparents, outdoor education staff, and park personnel need to engage our students, children, and park visitors in the kind of experiences in nature that these wonderful books invite us to explore. Ground yourselves in the ideas, principles, and activity ideas these handbooks provide, and get outdoors, in good company, for the joy of it.
Barbara L. Glaser, Ed.D.
Co-Founder, Great Camp Sagamore and Sagamore Institute of the Adirondacks
Regional Commissioner, New York State Dept. of Parks

We suffer because our inaccurate stories separate us from the attractive balance and beauty of Nature in and around us. Happily, Humanizing Outdoor and Environmental Education and 201 Nature and Human Nature Activities provide stories and activities that invite children to visit natural areas where authentic Nature helps them relate with human nature.
Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Director, Project NatureConnect

The survival of civilization depends on the development of an environmental ethic and of behaviors supporting that ethic and a growing concern for a more humanized society. It is imperative that we increase environmental awareness in order to save and protect our planet, our one world. These books show us not just what to do to be connected with our natural world but how to do it while maintaining connections with each other. The character-building, “ageless” activities in these books can be used at home, in the classroom, at nature centers, at camps, adult retreats, and for celebrations of all kinds to gracefully merge both nature awareness and human nature.
Beverly Lazar Davis, LCSW-R
Founder, Youth Squared: Youth Helping Youth
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Past Supervisor, Youth & Family Services Team

The Rev. Dr. William Sloan Coffin had a way with words: “The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.” Having led church youth groups for 40 years, the truth is I love these books. This dynamic duo of books will be especially valuable for adult educators, church youth group advisors, and environmental activists. Joel and Cliff have developed a potpourri of practical, step-by-step learning activities leading to an appreciation of nature and the unique gifts every human being has.
Rev. Jay Ekman
Retired Pastor, Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church

These two books are a beautiful blend of the powerful philosophy and practice of humanizing experiential education. The books are loaded with stimulating invitations for people to engage in active and interactive learning. As a coach, I was particularly intrigued and inspired by the grand slam home run chapter on “Creative Leadership: A Humanistic Approach to Coaching”—that was worth the price of admission by itself.
Brian Hamm
Amherst College Baseball Head Coach
Winningest Coach in 157 Years

An understanding of our human relationship to nature has never been more needed than it is today. In native cultures we speak of seven generations, the understanding that what we do now will impact all who follow us for many years to come. Those who will benefit the most from the important teachings in these beautifully written and carefully thought-out books are our children--the ones who truly are the hope for seven generations and more, for a future that extends far beyond fiscal years or presidencies.
Joseph Bruchac, Ph.D.
Author of more than 120 books including Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children

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