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  • someone who will make you look great!

Are you looking for a learning-filled, laughter-fueled, top-rated program for your association, school, health care facility, non-profit organization or business corporation?

If so, you've come to the light place! All of our speakers provide customized staff development seminars, keynote speeches, workshops, and programs for national and state-wide conventions.

These engagements have included everything from one-on-one coaching with corporate presidents to speeches for 6,000 people to 45-hour graduate courses to 10-minute after-dinner talks to 2-hour in-house seminars... and everything in between!

The HUMOR Project Speakers Bureau has worked with a wide variety of organizations and associations over the past quarter century. We have done presentations in all 50 states, throughout Canada, and on six continents.

Speakers & Presenters

The HUMOR Project Speakers Bureau consists of 100 excellent, entertaining, enlightening presenters--including Dr. Joel Goodman (Director of The HUMOR Project) and Margie Ingram (Director of Special Programs). Our Speakers Bureau has generated rave reviews from more than two million businesspeople, health care professionals, educators, and other helping professionals.

Sample Program Topics

Our Speakers Bureau offers a wide variety of trademarked programs. Here is a sampling to wit your appetite. Feel free to circle the titles of interest to you (we can also think outside the box and create made-to-order programs for you). Give us a call— we would be glad to custom design a program for you!

  1. The Positive Power of Humor, Hope and Healing™
  2. HUMOResilience™: Using Humor to Tickle Stress Before It Tackles You
  3. Taking Your Job Seriously and Yourself Lightly: The Positive Power of Humor
  4. The Magic of Change: How to Use Humor and Creativity... for a Change!
  5. All Aboard: Terrific Team-Building and Organizational Goal-Setting
  6. It's Laughademic: Laughing and Learning Go Hand-in-Hand
  7. Jest for the Health of It: Humor and Your Health
  8. Creating Positive and Productive Corporate Cultures
  9. Laughter Loves Companies: The Funny Line and Bottom Line Intersect
  10. Come Fill the Cups: Caring, Compassion and Replenishment for Care-Givers
  11. Jest for Success: Making Humor Work at Work
  12. Preventing Hardening of the Attitudes: Humor as Mental Floss
  13. Playshop: Icebreakers and Energizers to Build Community
  14. Humor and Stress Management: Moving from "Grim and Bear It" to "Grin and Share It"
  15. HAHA: Healthy Aging Humorous Aging
  16. Diversity and Personality Styles: Turning Differences into Creative Synergy
  17. Humor in Parenting: Someday We'll Laugh About This... Why Wait?
  18. Creativity Skillshop: Moving from "Yes, But" to "Yes, And" Thinking
  19. Nurturing Humor: The Difference Between Positive and Negative Humor
  20. How to Use a Light Touch to Score Serious Points: Humor in Communications
  21. The Humor Approach to Excellence on the Job
  22. Presenting with Pizzazz: Showmanship Secrets for Speakers, Teachers, Trainers, and Leaders
  23. Revitalize Your Staff... Without Changing Their Jobs
  24. Positive Psychology and the Humor--Happiness Connection
  25. Accelerating Learning by Accelerating Laughter
  26. Dealing with Difficult People with Delight and Lightness
  27. Leadership FUNdamentals
  28. Faith Lifts and Comic Spirituality
  29. Creative Customer Service-with-a-Smile
  30. Humor and Chronic Illness: Finding the Humor When Nothing's Funny

What They Say About Us After We Leave

Your recent keynote address was a tremendous success and scored the highest of the keynote events at the conference! After reading 42 pages of written comments-- there is no doubt that your event received the highest praise. When we originally spoke, we gave you a tall order to deliver-- tie up the entire conference and send the audience home filled with practical, inspiring ideas. You certainly delivered that and more. And we had fun along the way! American Management Association national conference

WOW!! Did you make us look brilliant!!! We are getting raves that just do not stop about having you as a speaker!!! A terrific message, a fabulous, incredible balance of warm, refreshing, and enchanting humor with your profound and thought-provoking messages. Your program received the highest rating of all our sessions!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! New York State Education Department

I can't begin to express my thanks to you for the luncheon presentation you gave. Never before have I received so much positive feedback on any speaker! You certainly drew the numbers, which is always a benefit for ESSAE!! Empire State Society of Association Executives

This conference exceeded the expectations of the more than 300 people who attended. Your ability to hold the attention of so many people for such a long period and to impart valuable information while entertaining is truly remarkable. Thanks also for your cooperation, understanding, and good humor throughout the year-long planning process. University of North Carolina at Asheville

I wanted to express appreciation for the fine job you did as a keynote speaker at our national conference. For the 1500 attendees to attend a General Session at 8:00 on a Monday morning and give a standing ovation to the speaker is an obvious compliment to you. National Association of Case Management

We've heard so many great comments about your presentation. I specifically appreciated how you personalized your message to connect with everyday events and terminology used at Clorox. To ensure we find ways of bringing humor to work, we have ordered your Laffirmations: 1,001 Ways to Add Humor to Your Life and Work to distribute to all the meeting participants. The Clorox Company

Your closing keynote certainly captivated the audience with your energy and humor and left them wanting more. The marks for your session on the evaluations are off the chart! We had no idea you would invoke an explosive standing ovation! U.S. Department of Labor

As the coordinator of a leadership conference for medical personnel of sixteen hospitals in the midwest, I recommend you with enthusiasm! You received overwhelming, positive evaluations from the participants. Your material is substantive and your presentation style dynamically alive. Mercycare Corporation

I can easily see why so many people pricked up their ears in avid interest when I mentioned your name. Your lively manner and comforting spirit are infectious and personally, I'd like to see a lot more people get infected. The comments I heard as people left were unanimously positive to glowing. We had a great turnout and a great program. New York Library Association

During the International Creativity Conference in Africa, your leading keynote address was hailed by all attendees as the perfect medicine for people in dramatic transformation. Your content, style, and approach build bridges between many cultures. I salute you as a splendid presenter and international humor and creativity leader. Satori Creativity Foundation of South Africa

The audience LOVED you and gave fantastic evaluations! Using humor for the first general session put the 2000+ professional counselors in a great frame of mind! Texas Counseling Association

Your presentation was a resounding success. I continue to be the recipient of an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and appreciation. As the organizer, nothing could be more gratifying. Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists

The buzz around campus following your workshop was so loud that I had to take a week of vacation. Florida was great, but what was even better was coming back and hearing people still talking about using humor and creativity in their work. My prior experiences with The HUMOR Project made me confident that we were doing the right thing by having you speak... thanks for proving us right! James Madison University

For more information on arranging a program for your organization, corporation, or association, contact the Speakers Bureau at:

    The HUMOR Project
    10 Madison Avenue
    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-3406

    or call 518-587-8770.

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