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People from all walks, hops, skips and jumps of life from all 50 states, throughout Canada, and 6 continents have attended The HUMOR Project's conferences and workshops for the past 35 years. Some people pay their own way because of the personal and professional benefits; in other cases, organizations will send their employees because of the personal, professional, and organizational payoffs. But don't just "take it" from us- look at what previous participants have said:

  • What a GREAT conference - this was my 5th and in some respects, it just might be one of my favorites - seriously! .... I'm charged up for another school year and very GRATEFUL to both of you for helping me remember what it's all about. (Cricket Guyer, Coleraine, Minnesota)
  • What a great conference and gathering you have put together. The selection of speakers and topics gave a delicious spread of possibilities. The venue was a delight. Lotsa talking, laughing, connecting. Congratulations on the great har...har...harvest. (Peter Spitzer, Bowral, NSW, Australia)
  • Thank you for running The HUMOR Project... it is uplifting, poignant and funny...I was proud to have been a member of the conference this year. (Joe Satriano, Oceanside, New York)
  • You guys sure know how to put magic into motion with lots of devotion.... It was so good to be inspired with new thoughts, concepts, tricks of the humor trade, and fun classes to reinvent. Thanks to Joel and Margie for making our first Humor Project experience so unforgettable! The sense of family Joel and Margie bring to conference is wonderful. Family reunions should be every year and we plan to be there. This is more than a conference or project; it is a pilgrimage that needs to be made yearly to boost "the human spirit." (Doug MacGregor, Fort Myers, Florida)
  • The Humor Conference continues to enliven and energize me in my work-- surprisingly (to me) more than any other conferences I have attended in the past.
  • Thank you for all you have done for me, the attendees, and the world. A place to be renewed by laughter, rekindle calling, exercise muscles of creativity and embrace joy. Thanks, Joel and Margie, and your amazing team for an experience I will never forget. (Rev. Dr. Patti Kenney, Saline, Michigan)
  • I would like to thank Margie and Joel for an awesome experience attending the Humor Conference. This was one of the best conferences that I have ever attended. I ask myself what made this conference so great, and came to the conclusion that it was the organization, the people attending and volunteering, the presenters, the unique experience of Silver Bay - what a gorgeous place for a conference and the food - so yummy. This conference was outstanding!! I definitely will be back next year for the conference. (Dave Bate, Tooele, Utah)
  • We really enjoyed it and felt like we learned a ton! (Linda Cahn, Morristown, New Jersey)
  • Thank you both for conjuring up such a wonderful weekend! Your timing and creativity in putting together the programs are exquisite. Splendid retreat center with its spectacular natural setting enhances the whole experience. I heard over and over again from the presenters and participants alike that this is the best organized event they've been associated with. I am happy to continue to spread the word about this wonderful event. Every year I am surprised by the new ideas and authors that I'm introduced to at the Humor Project conference and the laughter lights up the weekend and sparkles through my life throughout the year. Thank you for attending to all the grand visions and essential details - and for giving us all so many mirthdays! Everyone who discovers your amazing event is delighted beyond any expectation. Who could envision such a weekend when it took years for you to grow such an incredible celebration of life, love, laughter and the amazing healing that comes with such celebration! With much love and appreciation for all you offer to the world. (Sharon Alley, East Chatham, New York)
  • I cannot tell you what a special feeling I have as I try to digest all that I experienced at the Humor Project Conference. (Georgie Kunkel, Seattle, Washington)
  • Thanks so much for a wonderful conference. It truly opens up the creative mind. I've come so often I wonder (before I get there) if I'll get anything new out of it. I always do. I was especially pleased that my husband took to it.... You and your wonderful line-up of creative people worked miracles. Changing the world, one laugh at a time. We'll be back for sure. (Barbara Stretton, Old Greenwich, Connecticut)
  • I can't thank you enough for a magical Silver Bay experience! I would do the 2000 mile round trip again in a heartbeat. One "word," one "sound" to express my experience at Survive and Thrive: "WOW!!" (Fr. Jim Vargo, Florissant, Missouri)
  • LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!!!! This is the best deal you will find to flex your funny muscles. (Marcy Miceli, Pittsford, New York)
  • I wanted to take some time to thank you both again for another stellar conference weekend! As always I return home inspired, enthusiastic, and energized. I have shared so many of the stories, thoughts and inspirations with my friends, family and co-workers. You have such a knack in choosing the speakers and creating a safe, fun environment for us to learn & grow in. (Joye Swisher, Largo, Florida)
  • Fabulous conference. (Kathleen Neuman, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan)
  • I had been receiving information on The HUMOR Project for years - since 1995. I had been dreaming of attending the humor conference from the first time I read about it. My wife, daughter and I decided to make it this year. The resources provided are tremendous tools. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!! An awesome renewing of the inner child! I was able to pick up even more ideas to use in the classroom as well as in the clinical setting. (Marshall Rogers, Anton, Texas)
  • Keynotes - hysterical! Hysterically healing, for one and all! Great speakers, great location, great conference! (Angela Thomas, Wells, Vermont)
  • The most fun-filled time I've ever had. (Marjorie Skokan, Sioux City, Iowa)
  • Great for the soul, workout for the funny-bone, food for thought, peaceful for the heart. (Ann Lampron, Denver, North Carolina)
  • I need the laughter, the inspiration SO MUCH and this is my 4th time at The HUMOR Project's conference, which are always fabulous. Margie and Joel are serving the world of healers and caregivers to keep on doing what we do! (Deb Dyer-Duguay, Fiskdale, Massachusetts)
  • A very unique feature of these conferences is the presenters mixing with the participants, truly taking part themselves in meals and presentations. (Shirley McClary, Burnt Hills, New York)
  • I have used The HUMOR Project's resources over the years. Came to the conference first time last year and have used much of what I gained throughout the year in my job. This year offered thanks I want again - innovation, inspiration and making education fun and effective. I'll be implementing immediately at work and in the fall in the college classroom! The Silver Bay setting - I love this setting - relaxed, beautiful, natural. Having the conference so well organized, yet flexible, and practicing as you are teaching. Kept the conference comfortable, created an awesome learning & networking environment. Ideas I can put to work immediately in my hospital environment work and teaching university level. Opportunity to be in nature and enough free time for comfortable pacing, visiting, networking. Awesome presenters - top notch. I count on great value for $ here. My being here is magical! Everything I've attended is exactly the inspiration, substance and encouragement I need NOW in my life today, my personal life and applies to a new university teaching role in the fall. (Carol Filkins, Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • There was so much information, so many feelings shared, so much positive energy swirling around. it was truly a spiritual and cathartic weekend; an uplifting I sorely needed. I thank my friend Vickie for inviting me (she's persistent). I had no idea what to expect and this conference was beyond what I could have imagined. Speakers were wonderful and inspiring. They left me in awe! (Leslie Manuli, Poughkeepsie, New York)
  • It was amazing how the conference excited, challenged and engaged all three of us: my 21-year-old college student grandson, my successful businessman son, and my retired self. (Virginia Armstrong, Norfolk, Virginia)
  • This was my first conference. My co-workers asked me to join them and I'm so glad I did. This conference was so different from others I have attended and I loved it. The speakers were excellent. Noel Paul Stookey was amazing and to be able to enjoy all the presenters during the day and dinner is special. (Lisa Peters, Syracuse, New York)
  • The HUMOR Project conference is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. I have rated all of my responses quite high. I never do that. This conference was superb. Keep it up. (Fred Colson, Litchfield, Connecticut)
  • It is the best mental health break all year - mentally, physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually. Whole conference well run and uplifting. GREAT JOB! (Ann Marie Bradley, Clifton Park, New York)
  • I loved our stay with you at Silver Bay and thoroughly enjoyed The HUMOR Project's conference. It was even better than we had anticipated! The people we met were exceptional. Thank you so very much for the extraordinary job that you both do in making this event happen.... I wish I had attended every one in the past, and I sure do look forward to those in the future. I've wanted to come for over 15 years, but this year the planets lined up properly! The wonderful people I met (presenters and attendees) who will remain a fond memory in my life. This was extremely uplifting to me personally which will help create a happier me which, in turn, will enhance my working environment. It was wonderful to be able to interact on such a personal basis with the presenters. They were so available and willing to visit one-on-one. This was truly an extraordinary experience. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to laugh with so many intelligent and caring people. This should be required attendance for everybody on the planet. It's that powerful! (Lauren Brahm, Fort Myers, Florida)
  • One cannot improve on perfection. I think you've got it down to a science. Loved the location and intimacy. I loved hearing our son say "Thank you so much for bringing me!" The conference is hard to describe to people because they think it's just about being funny and telling jokes. Sometimes it seems like almost a spiritual experience because when I leave I feel enlightened, stroked, loved. Thank you so much for doing what you do. This weekend was just what I needed to go back to work feeling good about myself. (Jamee Schleifer, Brooklyn, New York)
  • The inspiration and life-changing moments that touched my emotionally very deeply. The practical information gained from the sessions that I am able to implement right away. A most amazing experience every time I come due to the warmth and the knowledge of everyone here. Joel and Margie have a special exceptional knack of choosing the BEST speakers! (Janet Doody, Redford, Michigan)
  • Being amongst the world's greatest people is healthy in itself. What a privilege to be here again. A million thanks, Margie and Joel, for the genius you impart in the time, organization, and work each year takes. I'm so grateful! (Melody Mordock, Poughkeepsie, New York)
  • Brought my sister who turned 60; this was my gift to her. She never did anything like this. Seeing my sister blossom as she really "got into" the weekend. (Sondra Hutchins, Little River, South Carolina)
  • I'm rating all keynotes 5. 10's weren't an option! I love the yearly "re-charge" for renewal-- laughing, laughing, laughing. Professional demands keep increasing yearly as does the administrative paperwork merry-go-round. Coming to this conference always allows one to choose from a variety of workshops to fit an individual's needs within a bucolic setting. The setting is like having a Mother Nature IV! (Kathy Rector, Mellenville, New York)
  • The conference combines benefits both personally and professionally. It restores the soul. (Leanne Braddock, Memphis, Tennessee)
  • This is a wonderful weekend of laughter, learning and love. It always helps me connect with my family, connect with new people, and connect with myself. (Aimee McMaster, Queensbury, New York)
  • Logistics - truly excellent. Best I've seen at any conference. (Susan Bowling, Arvada, Colorado)
  • I attended 5-6 years ago - always wanted to come again. I leave more positive and rejuvenated. It's so fabulous to be reminded in a most glorious manner that we are all connected and about the power of humor and compassion in our lives! (Mary Loughrey, Hollis Hills, New York)
  • An opportunity to spend time relaxing and unwinding in a great environment. The Humor conference continues, year after year, to provide new ideas and positive ways to approach life. (Marie MacPherson, Glenville, New York)
  • Was here before, loved it, used material in classed for PT students and other educators. I needed revitalization of myself now that I am retiring. This conference is just what the doctor ordered! A "Perfect Awesome!" (Sandy Moura, Kelseyville, California)
  • I've never before been to a conference at which there developed such a sense of human connection, which lifted my spirit so intensely. (Karen Britt, Albany, New York)
  • I came last year and want to make this a yearly pilgrimage! (Guerry McConnell, Rogersville, Tennessee)
  • It is a present to myself to come away and re-sort priorities and grow spiritually. The organization of this conference is phenomenal and it is obvious how much work and talent goes into this event. (Ellie Martinez, Buffalo, New York)
  • A lovely gift to my own heart, mind and soul. Nourishing, refreshing and inspirational. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Sherry Carter, Murphy, North Carolina)
  • An amazing experience - one where there was meaningful connection with lots of JOY and solid learning. (Anne Kearney, Syracuse, New York)
  • Here I have been reminded, at the cellular level, of the greatest gifts of all: living, loving, laughing. (Leslie Winship, Concord, New Hampshire)
  • Much spirituality and energy has been taken from your gathering to spread itself around our planet. (Nancy Fairbanks, Saratoga Springs, New York)
  • First I want to let you know how GREAT the conference was!! I had the best time. Definitely was rejuvenating... and Silver Bay is gorgeous! (Jenna Cassidy, Ballston Spa, New York)
  • This was the BEST conference of my life. (Mary Anne Lindskog, Lilburn, Georgia)
  • Well done! GREAT people, GREAT program, GREAT food for thought. A GREAT nosh for the mind and heart! (Peter Spitzer, M.D., Australia)
  • You have every detail of this conference down to a science -- logistics, speakers, timing -- an outstanding job all around. I organize and attend hundreds of professional conferences. I wish they were all this good. (Laurie Wellman, Schenectady, New York)
  • The conference has helped me use humor in the workplace without sacrificing my professionalism. I laughed, I learned, and made wonderful new friends from all walks of life. I can't wait to thank my boss for the wonderful gift of sending me here! (Tobi Campbell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • This is better than any vacation! The positive atmosphere is unmatched anywhere! This is the most well organized conference I've ever attended-- and I've been to many! (Nancy Street, Kissimmee, Florida)
  • Thanks for an outstanding weekend! Because of continuing education requirements, I have attended 300 meetings. This was by far the best. (Daniel Rudman, Galesburg, Illinois)
  • I love to laugh, smile, and meet joyous people! I came to you from Hawaii and it was worth it! (Hale Rowland, Kaneohe, Hawaii)
  • I've tried to get here for 9 years -- to be inspired, to be uplifted, to have hope restored-- and here I am! And it all happened! (Joan Laskey, College Park, Maryland)
  • What I'll remember about the conference: Joyous, foot-stomping, belly-grabbing, arms-raised, tears-in-the-eyes, no-holds-barred LAUGHTER. (Jacqui Williams, Queensbury, New York)
  • My hesitancy at coming so far by myself was quickly alleviated! Conference sessions have been so very valuable -- providing me with specific skills to take back to my job. (Korinne Tande, Havre, Montana)
  • We first came 14 years ago and have made this conference an essential annual event. The conference is filled with inspiration, hope, laughter, and lots of tips. (Laurie Sefton, Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • I want to bring my entire management team and other staff. A great team building opportunity. (Ed Becker, Chalfont, Pennsylvania)
  • This was the most exciting, thrilling, memorable, uplifting conference I ever attended. This was worth every minute and penny I spent. (Annette Van Wagenen, Orem, Utah)
  • If you are exuberant and innovative about your career, join a gang of like-minded people for a weekend of creativity and humor! (Pat Raymond, Chesapeake, Virginia)
  • I have been re-energized and have found more things that are useful to me personally and professionally than in 100 other conventions. (Sarah Hudson, Lyndhurst, Virginia)
  • This conference is a wonderful way to refresh your life in an atmosphere of support and caring. (Janet Killeen, Hopedale, Massachusetts)
  • I am going home re-charged with a "full tank" of ideas, materials, and contacts! This is the best conference I've ever experienced! What a life changing experience!! (Consuelo Ramirez, San Antonio, Texas)
  • How can you improve a masterpiece... but you continue to do so each year. I am continually amazed by the quality and content of the programs. (Michelle Walker, Montpelier, Vermont)
  • As CEO of my company, my "6th" sense told me I needed this great conference. I'll be a better boss, father, and husband for the experience. (Bill Montgomery, Celina, Ohio)
  • This event allows you to relax, renew, refresh your mind, body, and soul. (Roseann Shales, Bristol, Wisconsin)
  • Attendance should be mandatory for the whole planet! (Peter Perrone, Albany, New York)
  • I came away with many ideas I can use both in my medical practice and my speaking profession. (Steve Yarnall, Edmonds, Washington)
  • I've never laughed so much in my life. The jiggling of my inside was good exercise! (Tom Davis, Pensacola, Florida)
  • This learning-is-fun atmosphere is charged with positive energy, great networking opportunities, great bookstore, and great FUN! (Carol Smith, West Lafayette, Indiana)
  • I've learned more useful, practical suggestions for training here than at any other professional conference. (Pamela Furnace, Acton, Massachusetts)
  • We decided to make the conference an anniversary gift to each other. I have loved every second I've spent here. (Debbie Joseph, Wheeling, West Virginia)
  • This conference is head and shoulders above all others. Your work makes a difference in this world beyond compare. This conference is an elixir of energy and enthusiasm! (Jim Van Bochove, Dearborn, Michigan)
  • This was truly life-changing. Thanks for a wonderful learning experience! (Audrey Hartz, Mohnton, Pennsylvania)
  • Now I have more approaches for making student participation fun and highly interactive. It ws FANTASTIC! (Marilynn Weisensee, Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
  • My soul drank it all in! I've been to many conferences over the years but I have never ever been to one as user-friendly as this one. (Pam Hofmann, Ontario, Canada)
  • I have been receiving announcements for several years and wanted to come, and this year my wife gave me the conference for my birthday. I guess my pathetic, sorrowful looks finally paid off. (Allen Cornelius, East Windsor, Connecticut)
  • We first came 15 years ago and have made this conference an essential annual event. The conference is filled with inspiration, hope, laughter, and lots of tips I put to use immediately. (Laurie Sefton, Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • This conference was simply awesome! (Beth Zang, Frederick, Maryland)
  • I love the subject of humor and know how helpful, life-saving, and soul-saving it can be. I have been to the conference 4 times and find it to be very helpful! (Betty Morey, Syracuse, New York)
  • This program is refreshment for the soul. (Greg Jack, Putnam, Connecticut)
  • This is a life-enhancing, life-changing conference where laughter and humor rekindle your love for life. (Hannah Anderson, Thornwood, New York)
  • Margie and Joel, you both should win the Nobel Prize for Humanity for all you do. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be part of it. (Darlene Carver, Ijamsville, Maryland)
  • Thank you for providing what can only be described as God's country and sharing the common denominator that connects us all to one another-- laughter. I am utterly impressed and blown away. I am grateful to have the summer off to let this wonderful information sink in on a deeper level. I look forward to next year. (Barbara Lyon, Wilbraham, MA)
  • This was the best conference I have attended in a long time. The retreat combined with workshops and the beautiful location was absolutely awesome. The speakers were top notch. Thank you! Your HUMOR Project is filled with grace and I thank you for all the years you have supported humor as a therapeutic tool for healing. (Dot McKeen, Peabody, MA)
  • This conference is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! If you want to learn about humor and creativity, The HUMOR Project is your first step! (Leslie Gibson, Palm Harbor, FL)
  • A wonderful retreat to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize while realigning my attitudes and refreshing my perspective! Relax, rejuvenate, laugh, smile, think and feel good about yourself and life. (Aimee McMaster, Queensbury, NY)
  • The humor conference is the mother lode of learning about how humor can move from the sidelines to the center of every aspect of your life. Fabulous, fun conference! (Sue Burton)
  • This is by far the best conference I have ever attended-- both people and content. (Penny Rich Dorschel, Beaverdam, VA)
  • I will definitely promote this conference to other members of our college faculty and staff. There is something for everyone! My co-workers would thoroughly enjoy the conference, some would thrive on it, some "need" it. (Trika and Ken Smith, Coleraine, MN)
  • In 30 years of conference-going, I can truly say that never has every speaker been of such high caliber. Each presentation was a tough act to follow and each speaker rose to the occasion. My expectations for this year were quite high after last year's phenomenal conference. This year, the conference far exceeded my expectations. Kudos to Joel and Margie! Loved my visit at Camp Ha-Ha. Looking forward to the next one. (Pat Crilly, Perth Amboy, NJ)
  • This was a unique conference that is a vacation for the body, healing for the soul, and workout for the mind. (Susan Akers, Morristown, NJ)
  • Everything was exceptional-- so well-organized and smooth. All presenters were top-notch. Thank you for the best conference of my life. I have done over 30 years of retreat-type weekends and this was the best. The beautiful setting was so close to God. (Marie Crosby, Westmont, IL)
  • It was the best conference I've ever attended (and I've gone to MANY!). Great site, well organized, perfect! (Dar Stone, Henderson, NV)
  • The conference was extremely well thought-out and executed. What a terrific time we had! (Ethel Thomas, Moriches, NY)
  • The most enjoyable part of the conference was the interaction with the conference attendees as well as the presenters in such a vibrant, beautiful, serene, comfortable location. (Lou Danner, Oxnard, CA)
  • This is my fifth time at The HUMOR Project conference. I feel as if I've come back home. I love this conference! (Carol Holton, Toledo, OH)
  • What a stimulating, rejuvenating experience which enabled me to reflect, play, and heal with a community of caring, giving people. This conference renews hope and trust. (Lora Stern, RN, Annapolis, MD)
  • The most useful part of the conference was laughing, laughing, laughing! Each session gave me gems to use in my personal life. I laughed 'til I cried at the keynotes-- all of them! I was especially touched by Lucie Arnaz-- she sparkled and so did everyone else! Thank you for another wonderful Humor Project weekend! As always, it was a fabulous, fun-filled gathering of wonderful people! You always manage to find new ways to make this a wonderful event. Thank you for all that you do to bring joy to so many people-- you are both an inspiration and sparkling light in many lives, mine included. I'm already gearing up to gather friends to come next year-- it's the easiest event to attend solo, but too much fun not to share it with friends! With a beaming smile and lots of loving gratitude. (Sharon Alley, East Chatham, NY)
  • Goodness! I had the time to laugh, relax, and learn more here than other workshops ever! (Anne Marie Snell, Potsdam, NY)
  • You've done such a great job. Thanks for a super weekend!! (Maria Harris, Dobbs Ferry, NY)
  • The conference was energizing-- a refreshing way to get the creative juices to flow. Great to see and hear what other people are doing around the world. (Margaret Ferguson, Barre, VT)
  • The most enjoyable part of the conference was meeting so many upbeat people! (JoAnn Binz, Swiftwater, PA)
  • Thank you so much for providing the space/place where so many who value humor can meet and be exposed to humor masters such as Brett Leake. (Carole Ireland, Pittsfield, MA)
  • I came alone but no one is alone at this conference... I met so many wonderful people. It is easy and fun! (Anna Welfley, Schuylerville, NY)
  • Of all the many conferences I've attended in 20+ years as an occupational therapist, this ranks as one of the best on a professional and especially personal level at the same time. Very refreshing! (Janet Doody, Redford, MI)
  • The humor conference always fulfills my need for spending time with wonderful, happy people and obtaining a fresh, more positive look at life. (Don Cassiday, Aurora, IL)
  • The location and topic were both just what I needed. Everything ran so smoothly. There was SO much to do-- so many great options. Presenters, staff, and participants were all fabulous! Thank you again for the wonderful, recharging, relaxing, renewing weekend. I have told everyone I know that they need to come with me next year-- no matter what they are doing or planning to do in life. (Mary Jane Price, Jamestown, NY)
  • I've never laughed so hard in my life!!! This conference is great! (Stephanie Grigsby, Grand Rapids, MN)
  • What a magnificent conference you put on at Silver Bay! We loved every minute of it. Your speakers were awesome and the entertainment was fantastic. I can't wait until we attend next year. (Michael Delaney, Henderson, NV)
  • Thank you for an exceptional weekend. I speak at conferences internationally, and this has been the most positive, well-organized and fun event I've ever attended! (Sue Augustine, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)
  • Your conference was a great success. This is the most eclectic group I have ever seen, and they all seem to go away ecstatic. (Harold Benjamin, Santa Monica, CA)
  • I leaped into new territories of learning and laughter. The most enjoyable part was meeting hundreds of kindred spirits- the power of happiness. (Peter Bennett, Houston, TX)
  • This conference was a personal investment in myself with short and long-term payoffs! The most useful part of the conference: the countless ideas and blessings of humor! There was so much, I will be processing until next year's conference. I enjoyed laughing from beginning to end. The activities in Joel's pre-conference workshop gave me the heartiest laughs... I also made a few connections of the heart. (Bernie Brown, Swoyersville, PA)
  • In addition to the zillion ideas that I gained, it was delightful to be able to network with so many interesting people. (Fran Chambers, Binghamton, NY)
  • The presentations suggested strategies I could immediately transfer to my work setting. They also opened a creative channel wherein I was flooded with exciting applications of my own. (Margret Fronk, Rexford, NY)
  • I've never had so much fun in my life! See you next year! (Nancy Goldstein, Ellicott City, MD)
  • You are doing important work. Thank you so much from my whole heart and laughing soul. (Suzanne Herschenhorn, Redondo Beach, CA)
  • I met many warm and wonderful people. I felt so affirmed. I laughed unconditionally. There was a special flavor to this conference. It was really wonderful to be welcomed into this experience. I came to feed my soul. This conference made a difference in my life and I got the message that I can make a difference in the lives of others. (Charlotte Hett, Roxbury Crossing, MA)
  • Having a wonderful, joyous retreat for a few days with my husband. We've been together 20 years, and this is one of the very best shared annual experiences we have. (Florence Hill, Keyport, NJ)
  • The best use of my time and money so far this year was attending this conference. I didn't spend... I became rich!! (Betty Hubert, Cocoa Beach, FL)
  • I've heard about this conference for years. Your reputation is excellent. I really loved this weekend! The organization was seamless. I was very impressed. You've all done a wonderful job. (Tam Kistler, Albany, NY)
  • This conference is chicken soup for my soul!!! (Jacki Kwan, Potomac, MD)
  • I'll remember the energy, the excitement, the positive vibes... I have stored them at a cellular level. (Julie Labbe, Westborough, MA)
  • My cheeks haven't hurt from smiling so much since posing for photos at my wedding. (Ruth Mattes, Escondido, CA)
  • I attended this conference as a gift to myself! I relaxed and laughed for three days! The most useful part of the conference for me professionally were ideas to incorporate in working with patients and staff. Great information for motivating employees and decreasing stress. (Kaye Merrihew, Hyde Park, NY)
  • I really enjoyed spending time with humor soul mates. Joel and Margie, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time. This conference was filled with the humor spirit that we so desperately need in ALL aspects of our lives. Thank you for taking the time and effort to remind us all of this sometimes forgotten gift. (Tammy Miller, Port Matilda, PA)
  • The most useful part of the conference for me personally was the time to play and laugh 'til my cheeks hurt. It is so affirming to meet so many people who are accepting and making decisions to be positive. I was thrilled with the variety of workshops- from the wild energy of Saturday night to the delight and practicality of Sam Horn. Thank you for your work to bring so many fine presenters in one spot. (Becky Nielsen, Poughkeepsie, NY)
  • I was moved to tears and raised to laughter by the wealth of information, the energy, and the freedom I found here. (Charlene Pattillo, Johnson City, TN)
  • I was thrilled with all sessions-- they all rated a 10+ on a 1-5 scale. (Charlene Potterbaum, Bristol, IN)
  • I truly enjoyed the was the substance I needed to take my work to the next level. (Steve Saffron, Fountain Hills, AZ)
  • Thanks for this wonderful time of my life! (Dixie Schneider, Fair Oaks, CA)
  • We've been here every year for six years and wouldn't miss it! There is always a wealth of information and skills I can use at work and personally right away. We first came 5 years ago and have made this conference an essential annual event. It is the best-organized and most enjoyable conference that I attend. I always come home with information and experience that I can apply immediately. (Laurie Sefton, Grand Rapids, MI)
  • I've heard about the conference for years and have always wanted to come. It has exceeded my expectations. Meeting others who are using therapeutic humor successfully-- how refreshing! (Linda Snow, Hawley, PA)
  • One year from now, what I will remember about the conference is laughing, looking, learning, linking! (Peter Spitzer, M.D., Bowral, Australia)
  • I had a marvelous time. (Fran Suddock, Anchorage, AK)
  • This conference has served as an inspiration for me as a counselor because of the consistently dynamic speakers and the positive energy that infuses every aspect of the weekend. (Lucia Totino, Guilderland, NY)
  • I never laughed so much all at once in my life. I have a hospital ministry and everywhere I turned this weekend, I was affirmed. I seriously flexed my humor muscles! (Debby Wyche, Selkirk, NY)
  • The keynote speakers were outstanding. (Jannice Aaron, MD, Smithfield, KY)
  • Enthusiastic speakers inspiring a vibrant group of people, instilling opportunities to incorporate and replenish humor in their lives and workplaces. (John N Ducimo DMD, Worcester, MA)
  • There was something for everyone, People really connected with each other. These were a lot of laughs. I felt very relaxed and renewed! (Sharron Ducimo, Worcester, MA)
  • The fun I had with all of the new friends I made and the connections for networking. I love attending the Humor Conference! It is a networking dream and a most warm and friendly relaxing retreat! (Janet Doody, Redford, MI)
  • The most enjoyable personal/professional conference I've ever attended, in one of the loveliest settings. (Austra Gaige, Reading, PA)
  • The Humor Conference is a place where like minded people can come, recharge their batteries, learn, share and return to the real world refreshed and filled with home for the future. Silver Bay is a glorious place for this conference. Things function so smoothly you aren't aware of them and the food was wonderful. All of our needs were foreseen and met. The view of the lake - a truly natural movie screen - was incredible. The fresh flower bouquets everywhere. (Abigail Newburger, Newburg, PA)
  • The Humor Conference was inspiring, uplifting and FUN!! An action-packed weekend of experience, sharing, learning, and laughs. (Dwayna Covey, Bradford, VT)
  • I will use at least 1 idea from everything I attended and actually way more than that. It wasn't just entertaining; everything I attended was useful and fun and thought-provoking. I knew I could count on my time here to be inspirational and renewing personally and professionally and that I would meet new friends I'd want to keep. I'm so glad I was able to come this year after many years of wanting to, and that my mom could come, too. Thanks for providing a great conference in a great location. I was lucky enough to have one employer allow for a CEU day (and my other employer pay my way) and I've already started implementing what I gained- it was definitely a good investment! (Carol Filkins, Indianapolis, IN)
  • The keynote speakers gave such outstanding advice. The humor conference gave me a depth of experience to use in my personal and professional life so that life isn't taken so seriously! (Michelle Morrow, Arcata, CA)
  • A remarkable, unique, and refreshing learning experience, the Humor Conference presents inspirational speakers and dynamic workshops and a warm camaraderie among leaders, speakers and participants. (Lee Mussoff, Rehoboth Beach, DE)
  • It's a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, laugh, think, have meaningful conversations and remember/relearn the importance of positive emotions in all our lives. (Rayna Schroeder, Eldersburg, MD)
  • If you want a place where you can feel safe, meet "yes" people, and receive countless affirmations, come to the Humor Conference. (Will Ramsey, Takoma Park, MD)
  • Joel and Margie certainly know how to bring humor, spirit, laughter, song, magic to a group of authentic people who are passionate about the gift of humor needed in this world. (Joye Swisher, Largo, FL)
  • Some people come into our lives for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime. You not only came into our lives but you left your soul print upon all of us who were blessed to be at Silver Bay for the International Conference. (Jim Vargo, Florissant, MO)
  • I had an amazing time basking in the laughs and the glory of Silver Bay. My hat's off to you guys for providing us all with an amazing weekend. (Reggie Brown, LA, CA)
  • What a wonderful conference it was. Thank you for all you do. Margie and Joel have made our world a better place. (Pauline Artery, Albuquerque, NM)
  • Wow! You touch so many lives so profoundly and with magic. Sent with much love and admiration. (Nancy Fairbanks, Saratoga Springs, NY)
  • My daughter and I had a marvelous time at the Humor Conference. It was truly fabulous! Thank you for all your gracious and upbeat hospitality. It was superb. (Hilda Neff, Hilliard, OH)
  • It was a fascinating conference. It was jest a blast ... and if you ever need your batteries recharged, attending the Humor Project Conference is a good way to do it." (David Guest, Somers, NY )
  • I truly admire and respect the work you do and the impact you make. I thought that the quality of the speakers was terrific. (Rick Segel, North Reading, MA)
  • I can't say enough about the wonderful weekend! Please thank Joel and everyone else involved in making the weekend such a joyous as well as an educational event. I love your slogan that "it's fun, but not just for fun." I've told everyone that it was by far the best conference I've ever been to. (Deb Baum, Albany, NY)
  • Once again, we have had an inspirational and wonderful weekend with you. Thank you for organizing the great speakers and workshops. I'm already having fun with the picture taken of me and the "mystery speaker." (Laura and Bernie Paulman, Union, NJ)
  • The Humor Conference is one of the best run, most organized, and most warm-hearted conferences I have ever attended. (Ann Neilson, Schaghticoke, NY)
  • If you could use a good laugh (and who couldn't these days), if you believe in the healing power of humor, and if you want to meet a group of wonderful people from all walks of life who are determined to face life and its challenges with a healthy sense of humor, then plan to attend one of Joel Goodman's Humor Conferences. Husband-and-wife team Joel Goodman and Margie Ingram run the decades-old conference in an amazingly energetic and organized way, and attendees are extremely well cared for. This year the conference was held at the beautiful Silver Bay facility in the Adirondacks in New York State. The tranquil setting was perfect for the hundreds of funny people who gathered there to reflect, laugh, and renew their hope. Laughter, heart, and hope are precisely what these conferences are all about, and all three were in abundance throughout the entire event. I can assure you, though, we returned home with our spirits refreshed, our laugh muscles well-toned, and with a whole lot more hope in our hearts. (Martha Bolton, Brentwood, TN)
  • So practical, so positive, so refreshing! (Marie Rau, Post Falls, ID)
  • All the smiles, the fun, the friends: an absolutely enlightening, regenerating, re-energizing experience. (Cathy Wheeler, Grove, OK)
  • An experience filled with laughter and joy that last all year. (Barbara Stretton, Old Greenwich, CT)
  • The keynote presentations - each was just fabulous: the person, the topic, the delivery, WOW! The spirit and energy of the presenters - Wow! This was our first time and we are committed to returning and want to bring friends. The best-organized and run conference I have ever attended - that's many over many years in many topics. (Donald Manthei, Newton, MA)
  • The conference surpassed my wildest dreams. This conference CHANGED MY LIFE! How nourishing to be amongst others that want to make the world a better place! (Leslie Fredrick, East Lyme, CT)
  • As a retired teacher, it was just a joy for me to be here and learn and laugh and meet great people. My third conference was enjoyable, inspiring, full of laughing, smiling, and happy people! Nice to be around positive people. (Audrey Slater, New York, NY)
  • Great experience in life, laughs, meeting other Fun folks and the wonderful ideas shared in the sessions. (Kathy Kusel, Frederick, MD)
  • The conference exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a wonderful weekend full of learning, joy and fun. It truly was worth the trip across the country. (Linda Albert Young, Seattle, WA)
  • "A kick in the pants" epiphany-- it was amazing to see so many people coming to the Humor Conference and finding such a wealth of resources to use in their lives and work. This has been a turning point in my journey. (Guerry McConnell, Rogersville, TN)
  • A terrific experience. Lots of fun. Lots of laughs. (Rosilee Trotta, St. Louis, MO)
  • The most enjoyable personal/professional conference I've ever attended, in one of the loveliest settings. (Austra Gaige, Reading, PA)
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